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Mandarin Learning & Education Center (MLEC) National Taiwan Ocean University


Q1. How do I apply and what are the procedures?

 For those international students, who wish to apply to the MLEC for its Mandarin Chinese courses, the procedures are

1. Application:

Complete the Center’s application form and submit it with certificates and/or documents required. Download application form https://r083.ntou.edu.tw/var/file/100/1100/img/1379/757234587.pdf

2. Review:

The Center will review all applications after the deadline for submission and arrange placement exams if necessary.

3. Issuing/Receiving Certificate of Admission:

Those applicants, whose applications have been reviewed and who also have completed the placement exams, will receive the National Taiwan Ocean University MLEC Certificate of Admission issued by the Center for they to apply for visas required to study at the Center.

Q2. Enrollment and Related Matters

Those students, who have received the Certificate of Admission, must check in at the designated place at the designated time stated on the Certificate for enrollment. Please refer to the National Taiwan Ocean University Mandarin Learning & Education Center International Students Enrollment Guidelines for details including the documents and certificates required and fees.

Q3. Will I get a Student ID Card?

Those students, who have received the Certificate of Admission, will receive a Temporary Student ID Card with the student’s photo, name, student number and barcode on it. The temporary card functions exactly like a normal card, that is, it can be used to enter/leave dorms, check out books, register for the use of sports ground, and acquire discounts from those factories and stores having signed preferential contracts with the University.

Q4. What about refund and related matters?

Please read carefully the regulations stated on the Admission Prospectus before you sign up for the Mandarin Chinese courses because once you have paid your tuition fee, it cannot be refunded nor transferred or postponed. If you cannot continue your study due to the force majeure or other major events, you must apply in written forms for refund within the first two weeks. You will be refunded one third of your tuition fee if your application has been approved by the Director; any application made later than the first two weeks will not be proceeded. No refund on enrollment fee and insurance fee.

If the Center cancels your course but you have already paid the tuition fee, the fee will be fully refunded without interest, but the transfer fee, if any, will be deducted. Please refer to the National Taiwan Ocean University Mandarin Learning & Education International Students Handbook for refund guidelines and criteria.



Q1.  How do I apply for the Visa to Taiwan?

Please take the National Taiwan Ocean University Mandarin Learning & Education Center Certificate of Admission issued to you by the Mandarin Learning & Education Center and apply for your visa at the nearest ROC embassy, consulate or representative agency.

Q2.  When can I have my resident visa?

You can apply for it after you have studied Mandarin in Taiwan for four months.

Q3. Can I not apply for a student visa?

Yes. However, we strongly suggest you that if the duration of your course is more than four weeks, it is best that you apply for the student visa in case you might need to leave Taiwan to apply for a new visa.

Q4. The 60-day visa validity is not enough for completing an academic semester, what can I do?

You can apply for visa extension at your local Immigration Agency before your visa expires. If you live in Keelung City, for instance, you should go to the Keelung Office (National Immigration Agency).

Q5. How can I extend my visa?

Step 1: Apply to the MLEC (at its Office) for your Certificate of Enrollment and Attendance Record

Step 2: Take both (Certificate and Record) to the Immigration Agency for the application.

Q6. What do I need?

In addition to the Certificate of Admission issued to you by the University, you will need your passport with a validity of at least six months, two photos, flight ticket and other documents.

Q7. What can I do if my visa cannot be extended?

If your visa states “No Extension”, you can take your Certificate of Admission and Certificate of Enrollment to exchange for a new one at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Q1. Can I apply for the National Health Insurance?

Those international students, who have been granted an ARC and staying in Taiwan for six months, can apply for it.

Q2. How much and how to apply?

1. Fee: NTD 500 per month (國泰一般傷病醫療險)

2. Application: Submit a copy of completed application form with one 2-inch photo, the photocopy of your ARC (both front and back sides) and your passport to the Eastern Office, National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Q3. How many aspects does National Health Insurance cover?

Medical treatment outpatient services, medical expenses

You need to pay for the registry fee yourself.


Living Information

Q1. Can I live in school dormitory?

If you need to apply for accommodation, please tick 'Yes' in the "Application Form for Enrollment." You can also apply for dormitory after you get the enrollment permit, but the application deadline is 20 days before you arrive at NTOU. The application for study accommodation, the campus and dormitory environment introduction, and the living information guidance will all be handled by MLEC.

Q2. Can I live outside of the school?

Please refer to : https://stu.ntou.edu.tw/p/412-1023-7545.php?Lang=en

Q3. Does the center provide pick-up service?

Yes. We provide airport pick-up service. You need to apply for the service with Office of International Affairs(OIA) Pick-up Service Application Form." OIA staff will arrive at the arrival lobby beforehand and pick the applicants up, helping the applicants change New Taiwan dollars, apply for cellphone number, taking applicants to the campus and helping the accommodation applicants to check-in.

Q4. Where is my classroom?

The Chinese learning classroom is normally arranged at " Maritime Affairs Building (MAF)" of NTOU. The specific classroom number will be noted in the course information brochure, too.

Q5. Where is Mandarin Learning & Education Center (MLEC)?

Please refer to: https://r083.ntou.edu.tw/p/412-1100-10041.php?Lang=en